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Terms of Use

Article 1: Introduction

Please agree with the Terms of Use before using the service. The user of this service is assumed to agree with all of the conditions contained in the Terms of Use. It is assumed that these Terms of Use could be changed anytime with any reason. Except for the case where the app specifies different establishment, it is assumed that after being shown on the service, the Terms of Use become effective since the first time the user uses the service.

Article 2: License, etc.

According to the circumstances of this app, the service could be added, modified, suspended and terminated anytime with any reason. Without prior written consent from the app, the user is not allowed to duplicate, reprint, redistribute, modify, reversely engineer or decompile the service.

Article 3: Rights and responsibilities

The user has to ensure not to infringe the rights of a third party regarding this app. If user infringes the rights of a third party, or if doubts and conflicts happen between the user and the third party, the user have to assume responsibility and pay the expense to solve the problems. If the user is in breach of these Terms of Use, the app could ask the user for compensation.

Article 4: Prohibitions

The user is not allowed to conduct the following acts when using the service. 1. Any act that infringes or may infringe the copyright, intellectual property rights such as trademark rights, property, privacy and personality rights of this app or of a third party. 2. Discrimination against or slander on our app or a third party, or any act that may damage its honor or credit. 3. Any act that introduces or induces illegal acts, drug abuse, gambling, obscenity, child pornography or child abuse. 4. Obscene acts are the acts that aim at getting a date with acquaintance of the opposite sex. 5. Any act that violates laws and public morals, or any act that is considered by the app to have high possibility to make other users uncomfortable. 6. Any act that causes or is likely to cause trouble to the app or a third party's server and system, or any act that is a hindrance to the service's operation.

Article 5: Standard laws

If users cannot solve doubts and conflicts reagarding this service or this Terms of Use between them, the Tokyo District Court, or otherwise the Tokyo Summary Court, will have exclusive jurisdiction to draw the final agreement. The standard laws in these Terms of Use are from Japanese Laws.Even if some terms are judged invalid based on laws and ordinances, other terms are still valid. Even if a part of these Terms of Use does not apply to a user, the whole terms still apply to others.

Article 6: Disclaimer

This app will not assume any responsibility for the loss that the user may have from the service's modification, usage restrictions, discontinuity, suspension, termination or errors. In addition, it will also not assume any responsibility for the damage that may be caused by the use of this service. This app does not guarantee the safety and content of this service and will also not assume any responsibility for the damage caused by it. In the following cases, the app can inspect, save and disclose the service's content to a third party. The app will not assume responsibility for any damage caused by these acts. (1) If it is needed in order to clarify the cause of the service's technical failure to solve it. (2) If the app receives an official legal enquiry from public institutions such as the courts or the police. (3) If we judge that it is needed for other emergencies, or otherwise, for the proper operation of the service. The app may take measures such as deletion or service usage restrictions to deal with users who violate the Terms of Use or those who are suspected to do that. The user will raise no objection to any measure taken by the app based on these Terms of Use.

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