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Privacy Policy

By recognizing the importance of protecting customers' personal information, according to the following privacy policy, the app will strive for proper privacy management and protection.

Basic Policy on Protection of Personal Information

This app does not collect or use personal information illegally. This app preserves and manages personal information that it possesses legally and appropriately.

Purpose of using personal information

For the provision of service
For system maintenance and coping with bugs

Disclosure of personal information

When the app is asked to reveal a customer's personal information, based on the Personal Information Protection Law, it will reveal without delay after confirming the request is from the customer himself. (When appropriate personal information does not exist, we will notify you.) However, based on the Personal Information Protection Law and other regulations, if you do not assume responsibility for the disclosure, we cannot respond to your request.

Continuous Improvement

This app will review and appropriately adjust the operational status of handling personal information. Striving for progressive improvement, if necessary, we will change this privacy policy.

Customer Support

(Established on January 10, 2015)

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